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wPUPdate Packages Explained

Core Features

These features are included in all packs, although they are ‘set-up only’ in the Basic package, whereas they are kept up to date and monitored with Essentials and Fortress packs.

Hide Private Information

Natively WordPress has a few holes which allow people to easily find your user names for Admins and subscribers. Since this is half the login battle it’s definitely a good idea to block it.

There are many other good practices, like hiding the WP version, never using the ‘admin’ username and hiding your login url. A wPUPdate subscription can help with all these and more.

Updates to Core & Plugins

One of the main reasons for updates is to close security vulnerabilities, so if you don’t stay up to date, you don’t stay safe. WordPress includes a feature to keep core files and plugins up to date.

wPUPdate will connect and enable these updates as well as keeping track of plugins on the ‘at risk’ radar. If one of your plugins becomes vulnerable we can look at the best replacement and how to manage the change.


Every site should be backed up regularly. If you are attacked you know there’s always the choice to wipe everything clean and restore the site, assured that all the malware is gone.

wPUPdate will set-up the backup software for you (all Packs) and make regular backups of both your database and files (Essentials and Fortress only) so you have peace-of-mind.

Secure your WordPress

Get the basics right

A self-managed solution, installed and set-up by wPUPdate, managed by you.

£95.00 One-off

Build a Fortress

Set-up, managed and monitored for you with complete email and phone support.

£39.95 PCM

Lock down the essentials

Secure your site and ensure it’s always up-to-date and backed-up.

£24.95 PCM

Advanced Features

These features are included with the Fortress Pack.

Sucuri Monitoring

Sucuri Malware scanner is a little like anti-virus software for your PC. It will scan your website for signs of suspicious activity, report it and secure you against any attacks.

Sucuri is an industry recognised tool for keeping your site safe and your data secure. Initially it will clean most malware, saving you time having to restore your site, then prevent infections in future.

Assisted Restore

If you do need to restore your site, you’ll want to be sure of two things. The old site and hosting needs to be clean, otherwise you’ll just be infected again as soon as you restore.

When making the restore you need to connect the database, ensure the site URLs are correct and check the file permissions. wPUPdate Fortress includes help with the whole process to ensure it goes smoothly first-time.


While a Multi-Site may all ‘live’ under one domain (e.g. mysite.co.uk) – each instance can be a complete install of WordPress of its own, with unique plugins, theme and set-up.

Every instance of WordPress needs to be secured, monitored and backed-up. If you have a Multi-Site install wPUPdate offers great discounts per-site to make for an affordable solution.

“You could breach the seventh data protection principle if you don’t define and adhere to an appropriate software updates policy for systems that process personal data”

Source : Information Commissioners Office (ICO) Protecting Personal Data Online, 26

Updated: Now GDPR Article 5.1.(f) Integrity & Confidentiality Principle.

Still have questions

If you’re not sure which pack is right for you, or simply want to understand more about how it all works…

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