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Frequently Asked Questions & How To

I've received a summary site security report, what now?

The report will have identified any issues that need addressing:-

WordPress Version
  • The current Core version of WordPress is 5.2.4 (as of 14th October 2019)
  • If your results show a value lower than that, your site may be vulnerable
    • There are 6 reasons for keeping WordPress updated
      • Security
      • Performance
      • Bug Fixes
      • Compatibility
      • Features
      • Data Protection & Privacy legislation
Plugin Outdated
  • Not keeping plugins updated may leave your site vulnerable, these should be updated for the same reasons as WordPress
Personal Data Exposed
  • If any usernames / ID’s are exposed, you are giving malicious visitors 50% of your login, these should be hidden from view
Admin User Exists
  • This should be changed and is recognised good practice with WordPress
Site Hosted In
  • Site hosted in US or a non-EEA or safe list country? Check to see if your provider has signed-up to the new EU-US Privacy Shield scheme.  If your site processes personal data, which only transits back to the UK, you should be alright, but check your own setup at database level to ensure this is the case.
Directory Indexing Allowed
  • If this is mentioned in the notes, it means that anyone visiting your website and adding /wp-content/uploads to the end of the URL will be able to see & possibly download what they find in those directories.

I can undertake the work for you as a one-off fix – choose the Basic Package

However, should you believe, as I do, that WordPress websites need regular maintenance, including security scanning, backing up etc. then please see below at the Essential or Fortress Packages.

What Is the difference between the Essentials and Fortress Packages?

Essentials package: Stores the backups in compressed format on your website, as opposed to an external site.

Fortress package: Data is stored securely on an external site and the price difference takes account for the network traffic between your site and the external one.

How do I order / subscribe?

Select your preferred package

  • Basic – One off payment
  • Essentials and Fortress are monthly recurring subscription

Once your order has been processed, simply following the Set-up Guide.

What payment methods do you accept?

wPUPdate.co.uk currently accepts payment via Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer.

Should you wish to remit via another method, please let us know and we will try and incorporate it for you.

Do You Have Any Discount Coupons?

Yes, we have discount coupons for certain organisations. These include:-
Chambers of Commerce members
Business First Network members
Networking Organisations

Please email for information, providing which group your organisation belongs to.

The report mentioned cookie notices and privacy policies can you help?

Yes, I can help you with cookie noticies and privacy policies.  As an accredited data protection & privacy consultant I have credentials to help you both with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

The documents (pages) are designed specifically for each client, depending on their line of business and what classification of personal data is involved.


What Is The Legislation About?

If your website stores or processes personal data and it is registered by a UK organisation or individual then it is bound by the Data Protection Act 1998 and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

For WordPress, personal data is either in the content of pages, post, comments etc., or in user/member/subscription elements, so you will need to clearly identify what you are storing and where it’s being stored within your WordPress installation.

Even if you do not contemplate storing personal data, consider someone registering for your newsletter using firstname.lastname@company.x or just firstname@company.x– could they be identified by the email address?

Keeping WordPress Updated

“You could breach the seventh data protection principle if you don’t define and adhere to an appropriate software updates policy for systems that process personal data”

Source : Information Commissioners Office (ICO) Protecting Personal Data Online, 26

27th June 2017:

A UK firm, based in Berkshire falls foul of the data protection legislation, after it suffered a cyber attack having failed to take appropriate technical measures against the unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data. Their website was using WordPress.  The ICO issued the company with a £60,000 monetary penalty (fine).

Source: Information Commissioners Office (ICO): Read More

Data Breaches

Under the current data protection & privacy legislation there is no legal requirement to report any data breaches, however with the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulations starting in May 2018, this will be a legal requirement. I’m trying to help you mitigate the risk of any breaches by offering my services.


What Are Your Hours Of Business

Monitoring, updating:- 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, as it technology based. Updates are usually set to be outside of clients operating hours.


I am usually available between the following :-

Monday – Friday : 09:30am to 16:30pm using any of the methods on my contact page , please do leave a message, should you receive voicemail.

These hours allow me to attend early morning/evening networking events and give talks on data protection & privacy outside of them.

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