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Welcome to your Privacy Policy Assessment ; 21st October 2019

1. Does your organisation have a privacy policy, privacy notice or fair processing notice? (Here after referred to as 'The Policy' or 'It')
2. Is the policy easily accessible on your site, perhaps in its own right or hidden within your terms and conditions
3. Does it give the identity and contact details of the Controller?
4. Does the Policy explain the purpose of the processing and the lawful basis for the processing?
5. Does the Policy give the legitimate interests of the controller or third party (where applicable)?
6. Does the Policy show which categories of personal data are to be processed?
7. Does it show any recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data?

8. Does the Policy give details of data transfers to a third country and safeguards?

9. Does the Policy show how long you are going to process the personal data and any criteria used to establish the length of time the data is processed?
10. Does the Policy show each of the Data Subject's Rights?
11. How many rights do individuals have?
12. Does the Policy clearly show that individuals have the right to withdraw their consent to you or your organisation processing their personal data?
13. Does it show how an individual can complain to the supervisory authority/regulator and that they have the right to do so?

14. Does the Policy show the source of personal data processed if it came from publicly accessible sources?
15. Does it describe whether your organisation processes personal data from indirect sources, for example IP address or location data on websites?

16. Does it show whether supplying personal data forms any part of a statutory or contractual requirement and possible consequences of failing to provide the personal data?

17. Does the Policy show the existence of any automated decision making, including profiling and information about how decisions are made, the significance and the consequences?


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